10 Things I Wish I Had Known

10 Thing I wish I had known before entering the real world; a post adolescent reflection



10. The people you admire, respect, and desire to be like will let you down. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep chasing the goals they helped set before you; it just means people fail.


9. Renting property is one of the must frustrating, but growing life experiences there is. It teaches you to check things carefully, read what you’re signing, ask good questions, and to take responsibility. Your heat will get shut off in the middle of winter and your one and only toilet will be out of commission for a longer-than-convenient time frame, but you will learn the value of a good house and what to strive for in the future.


8. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Amen. Everything costs something.


7.  Emotions are not to be used as an anchor; if they are, you’re in for a wild ride. Wisdom, instincts, logic, and heart are all valuable, and should be used as a reliable cocktail in making decisions for your life (because decisions are best made after having a good cocktail ; ). There is a time when how you feel is important, but emotions shouldn’t solely dictate the biggest decisions in your life. You will regret those decisions once you feel differently.


6. Part of living with other people is learning to appreciate their differences. To expect roommates to step right into the roles you left when you moved out of your parent’s house is unfair and unrealistic. I cannot think of a better way to develop tolerance and sharpen character growth than to live with people who do things differently than you do, and learn to embrace that. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually enjoy pancakes deep fried or the heat set at 78 in the winter time.


5. The less you feel is owed to you, the happier you’ll be when it’s not received. Words thrown around at our generation are things like “entitled”, “ungrateful” and “expectant”. The less you look at life for what it can give you and the more you look for opportunities to give of yourself and serve others, the more genuine happiness you will come across. Find time to give away time, and you will never regret that time spent on others.


4. Be quick to apologize. In a stand-off of hurt, no one is winning. Be the first to throw up the white flag and make peace. Peace…now that’s something worth fighting for.


3. You can’t drive forward looking in the rear view mirror. The past is helpful to learn from, full of cherished–and some not so cherished–memories, and can help us better understand the present. But until we make peace with our past and reconcile our broken pieces, we won’t be able to really move forward. Healing, grieving, forgiving, and accepting are all necessary to live a healthy life.


2. Cherish your family. As crazy, nagging, and psychotic as they may be at times, they may turn out to be your best allies–if you let them. Love them unconditionally, forgive them for their shortcomings, and spend time with them when it’s not at the top of your priority list. Enjoy their jokes and remember how it feels to hug them. Chose to find the good in their quirks and enjoy each moment you have with them. They’re worth it.


1. Live a life of passion. You are never to young to live boldly, passionately, and with unhindered zeal. We were created to worship, and to glorify our Creator by living out what He gave us to our absolute highest potential. Figure out what you love, and do that. Find what gives your life meaning, and don’t stop chasing it.









(the picture featured is of my sister, Linette, and I when we were kids. She passed away 10 years ago, and is now living in glory with our Lord)


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