Reflections On a New Year

At the close of one year and the starting of another, I try to take time to reflect on everything that has happened. To think about what has changed, what has stayed the same, and what may be in store for the year ahead.

One of my favorite bloggers, Ruthie Dean (a link to her blog is listed below…and I highly recommend you check it out), wrote a reflective word for 2012 and one for 2013, which got me thinking of my own…



2012 was a year of many changes. I started school again. I began a new job. I switched departments at the hospital. I began working out more regularly. I took on leading Women’s Ministry (with the help of a great support team). I knew going into last year that many things would look different. I had opportunities and decisions laid out before me and I made some drastic, and some very necessary choices.


I learned to choose joy amidst trials I did not choose.


I chose perseverance when quitting would have been easier.


I decided to walk in a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord; I chose His ways over mine.


I exercised the powers of adulthood and owned up to more responsibilities, as well as consequences, for my actions. I chose to take steps in planning my future without the assumption that someone else will take care of these things for me.


I chose community, even when I was tempted to hide.


I found blessings abundant in the choices I made, and learned that things are not always the way I feel. I have the power to change my day or my season by circumstantial choices as well as emotional choices. I found choosing to be an anchor that I rested securely in.




I’m on or I’m off. I’m sleeping or I’m doing. I’m planning or I’m living out the plans I’ve made.


But what about the time in-between? The time between leaving and getting there. How do I live when I’m not “doing”?


Surely there’s a land between busy and lazy, and in 2013, I intend to find it. I don’t see any big endings to the new life choices I talked about in 2012, so  it looks like this year will be spent in-between.


I want 2013 to be about moments. I want to breathe it in. I want to enjoy the here and now, without constantly looking at what’s next. I want to cherish my season, and slow down enough to enjoy the incredible things happening all around me.


Because in-between the sun rising and setting, a whole lot of living happens.





check out Ruthie Dean’s blog @


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