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We have a day set aside to celebrate thankfulness, freedom, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, and a day of new beginnings. Not because we can’t celebrate everyday, but because these things are so wonderful they deserve a day of observance.


Today, celebrate love.



There are different stories about St. Valentine–who he was and what he did–but throughout time and commercialism, holidays today are celebrated exactly how we chose for them to be. Holiday’s can be a time to reflect on all the things we don’t have. They can be a laundry list of things we wish were different or better or anything other than what they are. Or, we can chose joy, gratefulness, reconciliation, or simply, peace.


It’s more than just romance. It’s more than just a day for couples.The root of Valentine’s Day is not found in a Mylar Balloon or in the perfect heart full of chocolate or even in a blooming rose. If you’ve started out the day with your arms wide open, ready to receive whatever you’ve decided you want/need, you will end the day disappointed.



I have spent 90% of the Valentine’s Days in my life single. I don’t speak from a place of romantic abundance. But still, I look forward to this day every year. I’ve chosen to find joy in showing others that I care about them. I’ve chosen to let the glittery red and pink displays in window store fronts break apart the looming darkness that winter has settled into. I’ve chosen to let this day be about more than presents and expectations.


My dad was my first Valentine, giving me small simple gifts of his love. I count my blessings that he cared for me in this way, starting me off on the right foot for what this holiday was really about. Maybe you didn’t have that, and that’s okay. It’s never to late to start new traditions, to find new reasons to celebrate.


Celebrate family.


Cherish Friends.


Love those around you and accept how they care for you.


Part of  the joy of Valentine’s Day is in refusing to set expectations too high; it’s becoming a sponge to people around you and absorbing all the love they have to offer. Whether it’s card, a hug, or simply just doing life with someone you care about…take that as a gift.



Don’t just be a recipient; be a giver.



And today, celebrate love. 


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