The Moment that Changed My Life


It was a moment like I’ve never experienced before in my life. It was quiet. It was simple. It was an excited he-couldn’t-wait-another-minute kind of a moment.


It was perfect.




The evening started with dinner at my parents. We had an exquisite meal. Stone Crab. Blue Cheese Peppers. Conch Fritters. Grilled Steak and Cheese Bread. All of my favorite things crammed onto one plate. It was filling and delicious. Just right for a night of celebration.



After dinner Adam asked me to take a walk in my parents neighborhood around the lake, a pretty common after dinner activity for my family. I invited the group–my parents, his brother and my dear friend who was visiting–to join us. They adamantly refused, claiming they were too full, too tired, and suddenly busy. That was my first clue (detective Kala, reporting for duty).



Several funny moments later, a rambling and somewhat shaky Adam and I started out on our walk (I’ll be honest, it took every curious bone in my body to put aside my suspicions and enjoy our walk together). We made it to the bridge, the spot that overlooks both sides of the lake. It was at that moment Adam told me the many ways I’ve changed his life, how he loved me and couldn’t imagine life without me, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life chasing after me.



He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.



It was like waves crashing over me. All the wonderful moments that lead up to that one came rushing back into my heart. It was like our whole relationship flashed before my eyes in a slideshow of heartbeats and wonder. I was overwhelmed with joy. Not just any man, but MY man was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. To spend my life loving him and dreaming with him and traveling with him and arguing with him and learning to argue less with him and growing with him and starting a family with him.




I actually paused for a time that probably felt like an eternity for Adam, on one knee, arm outstretched, smiling with his whole being. I paused to soak in the moment. I studied his face and the deep blue of his eyes. I took in the pride of his smile, that he got to ask me. I could sense it. I could feel it. And it was the highest form of flattery and the grandest compliment a person could feel.



I never wanted to forget that moment.



And that RING! It actually took my breath away. As soon as I saw it I knew I didn’t want to know what it cost. I wondered if we would have to sell our cars and ride bikes from now on. It was beautiful, stunning, and the most incredible gift anyone has ever given me.



the ring!

the ring!



Shortly after we returned to my family-turned-paparazzi with their phones and cameras out, capturing the moment. We laughed and hugged and cried. Everyone had known except me, and they were fantastic secret keepers (although, there were a few close calls).



moments after, with smiles we couldn't hold back

moments after, with smiles we couldn’t hold back




Then the party started. Some of our dearest friends began to arrive carrying cakes, wine, flowers, cards, and hugs for a celebratory evening unlike any other. The muggy and rainy evening blew over and the skies parted to make way for an incredible sunset. I have never felt more cared for and championed on as I did that night. The party, and the proposal, took me completely by surprise.


Joy overflowing.






I later found out that he had asked my dad for his blessing on Tuesday, bought the ring on Wednesday and decided on Friday night that he was going to propose on Saturday. When purchasing the ring, he told the jeweler he planned to propose sometime this summer. The jeweler told him he wouldn’t make it more than 10 days… It’s a good thing they didn’t bet on it.






I thought getting engaged would be the moment of all moments. That I needed a circus, fire jugglers, a couple celebrity cameos and a parade to top it all off. That the skies would part and heaven would burst into song, and it would be a moment unlike any other.



And truthfully, it was. 



Some men are extravagant planners. They’re elaborate and detailed and their proposal videos end up viral on YouTube. I think that is wonderful. My man, however, had a ring in his pocket that he couldn’t wait to put on my finger. The day felt right and he went for it. All he needed was a few moments alone to muster up the courage to change my life. 




I tend to be a little over-the-top by nature. I sometimes get distracted by the bells and whistles, smoke and lights. Not my Adam. He is a master of enjoying the moment and experiencing life in its most simple of forms. He doesn’t even have Facebook (and it drives me crazy!).


He’s my counterpart.



My relationship with Adam–and his proposal–have taught me lessons in the splendor and beauty of simplicity. The wow-factor of bravery, and the love and sacrifice it takes to get to this point in a relationship. You don’t need a parade or a pinterest list of all the things a man ought to do when he proposes (Matter-of-fact, lay off pinterest a tad until after the proposal. Trust me, I had to draw some helpful boundaries, too).



All you need is a man who is willing to ask to join his life with yours. A man who has the courage to change your life forever.


Mine did, and I couldn’t be more thankful.



my parent's backyard and the last moments of that sunset

my parent’s backyard and the last moments of that beautiful sunset…the heavens really did burst into song!


8 responses to “The Moment that Changed My Life

  1. love love love this!!!! How fun and exciting! I love how you champion your man! Love it! can’t wait to squeeze you!

  2. That was just beautiful!!! I am so, so happy for you. I never had a doubt you would find that special one. No doubt!! Because you have so much to offer of yourself!! Love you and miss you!!

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