Wisdom Is…


Wisdom is…


…resisting the urge to always defend yourself. Knowing when to speak, when to listen, and when to let things go.


…owning your mistakes. Before you can learn from them, you must first claim them. Figuring out flaws in others is by far one of the easiest things to do. Self-evaluating and seeing where you have fallen short or have room to improve is much more difficult.


…using social media with patience and prudence. Keeping emotions in check. Sometimes living a little quieter. Working to keep kindness and harmony as a priority.


…doing the right thing, which is also usually the hard thing.


…living with honesty and integrity. Reputation matters, and so does character. As my mother always says “be sure your sins will find you.”


…accepting of correction. It’s humbling. It’s painful. But it’s absolutely crucial for growth and learning.


…does not live out of entitlement. It seeks to serve others rather than to be served. It does not shy away from hard work, but values self-discipline.



…rare. The knowledge of wisdom is much more common than the practice of it.


…wisdom is knowing that you don’t know it all. It’s ever learning, ever growing, ready for advice. Wisdom knows there is no such thing as completed, but there is such thing as the process. And the process is what really matters.


Like dirt that is refined over time into a pearl, wisdom takes broken, unrefined messy people, sands them down, takes off the rough edges, and transforms them into something exquisite.



As any growing experience, easier said than done. Do you have a desire to grow in wisdom? Are there areas of your life that could benefit from and of the above areas?



What of this list do you most struggle with?



The whole thing? Me too.


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