Body Image and Baby Weight


No, I’m not pregnant so don’t even ask.




This post is about the unfortunate place we find ourselves as women in today’s society and it’s not a secret either. The microscopes are out and boy are they harsh. Unforgiving, critical, and a tad unrealistic {okay TOTALLY unrealistic}.




We know the odds we’re up against and the lies we believe, but yet it doesn’t change the way we think…which is the root of the problem.




We judge our bodies in every way we possibly can. We compare our hips to the girl we don’t even know who just walked into Starbucks and we wished we looked more like her. We pick up magazines with air brushed goals and set our sights on things we could never obtain {spoiler: it’s because they don’t really exist}. We watch our friends get pregnant and we wonder how they do it with so much grace and ease and envy the way their bodies take shape “better” than ours.




And let me just tell you, should the Lord bless with carrying my own children, I will NEVER be the girl people compliment by saying “oh my gosh you’re so cute! you don’t even look pregnant from behind!!” Because I can tell you right now I will look pregnant from behind, and from the side, and from an aerial view, and from every possible angle a mile away. I have no dreams of doing pregnancy with any sort of slender grace.






I have watched friends much smaller than me complain about the “10 lbs” they gained bringing them up to a whopping 130, and I just want to hold their heads under water for a bit {calm down…I only said a bit}.



And I’ve been realizing what we’ve all realized, but don’t seem to want to do: if I don’t change my perspective, custom fit my expectations to myself, and quit comparisons immediately, I will never ever be happy with myself. Ever.



If I don’t change the way I think, my looks will rule my emotions.



If I don’t change my perspective, an ugly, green envy will creep in when I should be complimenting and celebrating my friends, not secretly wishing their metabolism would slow down a tad {just to make things fair}.






I could be biased, but I have some stunningly beautiful friends. And boy does it kill me to watch them question their beauty, struggle with comparison, and wonder what they really have to offer the world. I just think, “man, if you could see what I see…” and then I stop and wonder if they think the same thing about me? Or maybe they’re just sick of hearing my joke about feeling like a busted can of biscuits…



Either way, we’ve got some believing to do when we hear nice things about our selves.



And we’ve got some complimenting to do for those around us whose beauty needs talked about.




And we’ve also got some self-talk to work on when we’re standing in front of the mirror or a reflective store window where we pause and frown, adjusting our shirts, our hair, all while sucking it in and thinking about how we’re throwing our shirt away when we get home.



And for the love-of-pete, we’ve got to get a life outside of work out posts, and Instagram’s of every healthy meal we’ve ever had, and endless selfies (ohhh selfies…you’re another topic for another day).



Whether you’re on the side of “I can’t stop talking about how much weight I’ve gained” or the “I can’t stop working out and taking pictures of my stomach”…you’re in the same boat. And it’s more than just weight; it’s tanning and hair styles, shoes and maxi dresses and a million other things we do to change or enhance the way we look. It’s constantly passing up eating out with friends to stick to your healthy eating schedule.





Because health is good, but obsession is not.



Sure, there are season of dramatic life changes that are totally worth a public celebration. But there is more to life than gaining and/or losing weight. There’s more to life than how our hair curls or what clothes we’re wearing. We all tend towards the extremes when it comes to body image, and we can get to a place of worshiping ourselves–for our successes AND our shortcomings–without even realizing it. And when we find ourselves obsessed with the creation rather than the Creator, we’re on a slippery slope.



It’s where our heart is at. It’s where our thoughts linger. It’s where our energy goes that determines who or what we are worshiping.



There are ways to do every hobby and passion and life goal with a sense of balance, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

If you’re pregnant, adore your body. Celebrate the life growing inside of you and how absolutely incredible that is.



If you’re loosing baby weight, be kind to yourself. Remember the miracle you were a part of not long ago, and how your body was made for this entire process…both in the gaining and in the loosing.




If you’re on the long haul to a healthier lifestyle, keep celebrating little victories, forgive your backpedaling, and believe the best about yourself.




If you’re unhappy with something about yourself, remember that only you can begin change. Embrace the truth that weight gain and loss are only a fraction of your whole self, not your entirety.




And if you’re tempted to either swap out your swimsuit for a mu-mu and hide instead all summer, or grab your camera and take 25 skimpy bikini pics and post them on social media…might I suggest neither?



I’ve written about this topic before and I will write about it again, because it will never stop being relevant. It will never stop being on the forefront of our minds, a part of our friendships and relationships, and it will certainly not get any easier if we don’t make some changes.



And remind me of my own words, because I often forget these things, too.




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