8 Myths About Women {That Are Actually True}




As a woman I have a right to change my mind, anytime, even if I don’t know what that change is. I can pretend to be offended when someone doesn’t think I can fix something, and get annoyed when they expect me to. I can tell a story with more exaggerated facts than real ones and claim it as gospel truth.

Ahhhhh women.


We’re a funny bunch.



Truth #8: We hate sleeping alone


Not because we like to cuddle, but because when we hear a bump in the night, we’re pretty sure the end is near. We don’t even need someone to share the bed with, just someone under the same roof. That way, when the axe murderer does break in, we have a fighting chance if we’re not by ourselves.



Truth #7: We’re actually terrible drivers


Don’t get offended, ladies. Just embrace it. We change the music 24 times on a 3 minute drive, we put on make up, and for some reason our gift of multitasking is severely limited behind the wheel. Just be thankful our bumpers can’t talk or they would totally rat us out.



Truth #6: We’re terrified of aging


And it’s not just the lying-about-our-age factor, it’s what comes with it. My husband gets older…his beard gets a little more salt and pepper. I get older…cellulite. ‘Nuff said.


Truth #5: We may not take compliments well, but we certainly don’t want them to stop


Hey, it feels good to be noticed. We might blow it off, but we would absolutely rather hear it than not. So keep ’em comin, and we will keep pretending not to care.



Truth #4: We have all faked PMS to get out of something


From high school gym class to boring social obligations, we have claimed “terrible cramps” where there was only slight discomfort. Don’t call our bluff…don’t poke the bear.



Truth #3: Women only make bets they know they will win


We’re not risk takers by nature. So if we strike a bet, be prepared to pay up (just ask Adam how his new Facebook is going…)



Truth #2: No girl leaves the house without trying just a little


#nomakeup #dontcare…. Well, unless we stopped counting mascara and lip-gloss as makeup, I’m pretty sure you care. That “cute without trying” look isn’t a real thing. If it was, Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t be making millions from selling sweat pants.



Truth #1: We love being right, and rarely admit when we’re not


There, I said it. I don’t know what it is about being no-it-all’s, but most women were born that way. We know the best route to drive from point A to B, the right way to cook anything, and our memory never fails us. Ever. So if you want to engage in a debate about the “facts”, prepare for us never to fully admit when we’re wrong.



{These truths are not about every single woman…just a satire on the majority}



{#3 was not as relevant as the rest of the list. I simply wanted to work into conversation that Adam lost a bet to me…and that he now has Facebook. Ah sweet victory…

….also supporting truth #1}



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