Dear Ruthie


My Dear Ruthie,


It is hard to believe you’re growing inside of me right now. Kicking and wiggling and taking up space inside my own body as your lungs develop and your fingers grow. I read about your milestones of growth with every passing week, each one more incredible than the last. Right now you can sense light and hear voices, and your tiny little organs are getting stronger each day.



You, little one, are miraculous. And are already so very loved.



I cannot wait to meet you, my Ruthie Lin.



Naming you was easy. A part of me felt like I already knew you. One of my dearest friends in high school, Ruth, is an incredible woman (she’s now your cousin…it’s a fun story I’ll tell you someday). Ruth is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I’ve ever met. She is a woman of integrity, honesty, and beauty that has great depth. She invites people around her to be at rest, as I pray you will too.


Your great grandmother, Violet Ruth, and your grandmother, Deborah Ruth, are both women worthy of sharing a name with. Your grandmother’s are wonderful in more ways than I can explain. Both women of great character, with a love for the Lord that runs deep. They will spoil you silly and love you fiercely. A rich heritage your name carries in our family, Ruthie, being passed down from one noble woman to the next.



And also, your aunt…my sister….whom you will never meet this side of heaven, Linette Ruth. She went to be with Jesus when I was 15 years old. Words escape me as I try to convey the depth of my love for her, and how much adoration I have in using her name in yours. If ever there was a person so kind, so caring, so gracious, so full of tenacity and life as to simply make the air you breathe lighter, the room you’re in warmer, and the moment you’re living richer, it was her. The name “Ruth” means friendship, and that she was. The very embodiment of everything you could ever want or need in a friend.


Lin was laughter, forgiveness, joy and loyalty. She loved the Lord with the kind of love people search a lifetime for. She experienced hell on earth when she battled cancer and never stopped praising her Creator. She was spectacular.



And for you, my sweet Ruthie, I pray that all those wonderful traits–the goodness of friendship, the joy of life and a love that reaches the depths–would be embedded into who you are, too. That people would know you as kind and compassionate, quick to forgive and faithful in love. Not to carry on Lin’s legacy, but to begin your own, in the most wonderful of ways. While her life was short, she lived it well.


And soon, my dear one, you will begin yours.



You will make mistakes. You will disappoint us and hurt us, and we will probably do the same. Because we’ve never been parents before, and we’re going to figure this thing out together. It’s going to get messy and ugly, teary and painful. But your dad and I love you with the kind of love that goes far beyond anything you do or don’t do. We love you simply, deeply, and unconditionally. It’s the kind of love that makes your heart feel like it might explode.


We cannot wait to learn alongside of you, how to love you the best we can, how to protect you and steward you as the gift that you are.



I don’t know too much about you, yet, but I can’t wait to learn all the details of who you are.  I do know you hate fruit in the mornings and have a slight addiction to peanut butter and all foods Italian. I don’t know if you’ll be animated and chatty  like your mama, or strong and steady like your daddy. Or maybe you’ll be some wonderful combination of the two.



We love you, Rue, and we simply cannot wait to hold you in our arms, brush your hair, and help you tackle all the challenges life throws at you. Everything we have is yours…our hearts, our home, our constancy and our joy. Come into this world when you are ready, and we will work on being ready, too.


Because I have a feeling you are going to take us by complete surprise in so many ways, and we are going to spend the rest of our lives wondering how in the world we ever lived without you.



With Deepest Love,

Your Mama








2 responses to “Dear Ruthie

  1. Absolutely true!!! Ruthie will cherish your words forever. May she know with confidence her LORD and his deep affection

  2. Love this so much! I shared with everyone at my peds office…they all loved it as well 🙂 Can’t wait for little Rue to make her big entrance!!

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