Coming Soon…


I’ve got news!

This month (or next, official launch date, tbd) I’m opening my very own Etsy shop!

(If you thought this was a pregnancy announcement, go home). 

But seriously, I’m super excited!

I’ve imagined exactly two scenarios for when the shop goes live: A.) everything sells out within the hour and I frantically have to ship it all and make all sorts of new things to sell. or B.) Nothing sells. Ever. Not one sale not one day in my entire life. Not even a pity sale from my mom.

I’m sure the reality is somewhere in the middle, but my imagination doesn’t dabble much in middle ground. Or reality.

Except for when I told myself, “I can DO this!


Since the very first time I scrolled through the beautiful shops of Etsy, I dreamed of starting my own online business. But even now as my dream is becoming a reality, I’m struggling to take myself seriously. When I tell people I’m opening an Etsy shop, I kinda feel like I’m telling them that I’m opening a lemonade stand at the end of my driveway. It doesn’t feel legit or grown up, but it is. Or at least it can be.

Every business starts with the hopes and dreams of success. No one plans to turn the lights off or sell their merchandise at 75%, just to make something. But it happens. And if it happens to me too, I’ll be OK.

Because at the end of the day I’ll know I tried. I’ll know that I took a dream and turned it into something real, even if for a brief time. I’m sure I will start a dozen more adventures in my lifetime, all to varying degrees of success, and I hope I start each one with optimism, determination and all the creativity I can muster.


Because creating is in my DNA, and I bet it’s in yours, too.


I’ve been inspired by so many people around me lately. I L-O-V-E seeing people take a leap, a risk, go out on a limb or try something new. I love work from home mama’s, pioneering something as they go. Or the ones who are kicking ass at their careers. I admire when guys start a new trade later in life, like wood creations or maybe photography. Whatever it is, it’s awesome. With each new blog, I cheer. With each new idea shared or job accepted, I celebrate.


You guys, there is so much room at the table for all of us. For all of our talents and our words, for our creations and the way we see things.

The biggest lie we can believe is that the table is running out of room, and that we need not try. It’s simply not true.


There’s room for your talents and your time. That thing you’ve been thinking of starting, but can’t quite seem to get the courage…well, please do. Please share you.

Or maybe it’s not new, but you’ve been holding back. Stop that.

Share your thoughts and your talents. Share your time and your ideas. There is SO much room for your gifts and your desires. The world will never run out of room for you. 

No need to re-invent the wheel or be better than the best of the best. Just do it well, and do you. Show up and love what you do. Comparison will absolutely and totally rob you of joy, and will water down your success.


I’m preaching to myself as I try to talk down my own fears and reservations. I’ve ho-hummed around for so long with opening a shop, and I decided I can’t wait for perfect and I’ve just got to start doing. Things will evolve and grow, they will change and become. I fall victim to paralysis by analysis, wanting to know every single detail for all eternity. But that’s not how creating works; it’s a process. And in the words of my feet-on-the-ground husband, “it will all be just fine.”


I’ve got a good starting point, and I’m just ready to let this baby grow! My shop…not a real baby (just making sure you’re still paying attention). REAL BABIES WILL COME LATER. Right now, it’s time for crafting and creating, for beeswax and sharpie markers (oh, the suspense ;).

I can’t wait to unveil my creations! (And mom, just please buy something. You can hang it in the hallway next to my junior high artwork that still has a ribbon pinned to it. Thanks for always believing in me).


Also, consider this your chair being pulled out for you. I’m trying my hand at something new, and there’s room at the table for you, too.



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