Why I Write

In It With You. These 4 little words have the ability and power to change lives.


I know, because they changed mine.


Once I moved back to Bowling Green after my college and post college days of trying to find myself, I found something that changed my life: people. And not just any people, a community that invested in me, listened to me, laughed with me, and sat with me through the hard stuff. They didn’t criticize or judge, they didn’t exclude or make me earn my way in. They just opened their arms and their dinner tables and their homes to show me a different way of living. They were the real deal, challenging me in the best of ways.


They taught me real love, about a God who loves me infinitely more than they could, and that no matter what, friendship means being there.


And so I write.


Because I have been blessed beyond measure and I couldn’t possibly keep that to myself.

Because I have learned some really tough lessons and enjoyed season of blessings as well.

I write because I feel it’s my best expression of self. My art. My creation.


And I hope that in someway my story will find your story, and I can be in it with you.


3 responses to “Why I Write

  1. You write, and I follow. 🙂 Your words provide such vivid pictures, and your blog name is so fitting! I feel like “you’re in it” because of your transparency. I am thankful for your gifting! Your blogging makes a difference in lives!

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